For those hosts availing of our Standard payment option, the guest pays a 15% booking fee of maximum 3 months stay.  So if your room is €600.00 per month the booking fee to the student/guest is €270.00 and on arrival they will pay you rent amount .  They system show them exactly the booking fee and your total rent owe for the full duration and that the pay you first months rent of arrival or weekly whatever is agreed.

You should include in your profile how you would like to be paid, weekly or monthly.  We also recommend that you communicate with your student/guest after the booking and you have accepted their booking you will all there details.  So please contact them and welcome them and find out their time of arrival.

The student/Guest on arrival pays you the first months rent or weekly whichever is agreed and a security deposit if you have asked for one.

Any further questions or queries don't hesitate to contact our team, we are here to help. Any questions we haven't answered email us at