It's up to our hosts discretion whether they wish to allow their guests to receive post to their address. If the host doesn't allow mail to be sent to their home it will be stated within their house rules section. We would like to suggest that our hosts add any information regarding not allowing guests send post to the homestay to the house rules section of the listing to inform guests in advance of making a booking.
Within the house rules section an alternative method of receiving post could be offered such as "should any guest wish to receive post, there is a post office/ mail centre x km's.miles from the house where any mail can be sent and held on your behalf"

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However, you must be 18 or older to host.
If you are renting a property, we suggest you always check your rental agreement and secure your landlord's permission if required.
You need to ensure your home insurance policy covers accommodating short-term guests within your home.

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