House My student is an easy to use platform that provides accommodation for Students worldwide, whether Third Level, Postgrad students or on internship, language students or mature students, we hope to provide a home away from home with the perfect location near your college or university. Host families not only can provide accommodation but provide a wealth of experience to their culture, local area and amenities and help the student/guest have rich experiences while staying with them for their academic term, work placement (internship) or program exchange.
House My Student offers flexibility, short term stays as well as long term lets. Maybe you wish to only offer Monday to Friday with your weekends free. Maybe a shared house is what you are looking for with hundreds of listing you can find that perfect match. The control and options are numerous with hundreds of listings close to colleges that hopefully match and suit your needs, for both Host and students alike.
Unlike most agencies Our services are completely FREE for our HOSTS 100% Free with no hidden costs.. Just upload your images of your accommodation/room you have available and find students looking in your area.
Earn regular income with up to 14k Tax free (each country is different). We require accommodation for students all year round.
Our students rent a room on average 1 to 4 months you simple provide information on your listing prices and dates you have available. When the student books their room 15% goes to house my student for the maximum of 3 months booked. The website calculates the booking fee for the student and rent for total period of stay. A student can only book a room by signing up and giving all information about themselves this is sent to our booking team and the host who has 12 hours to accept or decline their booking request.  If host accepts the room the student payds the booking fee and then both parties receive each others details. Our booking system filters out serious requests on properties and saves on viewing times.  All students and properties are vetted by House My Student. 


  • We verify student/guest they must sign up and give their details to be able to book a room.
  • Student/guest can search and book a room that is available on the system.  Only rooms that are free can be booked.
  • If student finds a room they like that is free for the dates they wish to stay, they can send a booking request.  
  • All information is sent to our booking team and the host who has 12 hours to accept or decline the booking request.
  • If Host accepts accepts booking request, student pays the booking fee and the room is then booked and blocked off and both parties receive each others details. 
  • On arrival date the student/guest then pays full month/weekly rent up front (whatever is advertised for that host) and each month thereafter.
  • The booking team will also contact host and student and confirm everything.

House My Student Mission Statement is "To take the hassle out of Hosting for mature students and familes worldwide, and provide a safe and simple booking platform to help with this process"

We receive only 15% of total booking value and this is paid by the student. If the booking period is longer than 3 months we only receive 15% up to 3 months. We do not recieve anything for the periods after 3 months. We believe our deposit booking system is much more reasonable than other intermediation or hosting websites and we try to keep costs down for students and hosts alike. House My Student is just for students who need student accommodation while travelling, or studying abroad and want a safe place they can feel at home in.

We wish to make House My student the largest platform for hosts and students worldwide and to take the hassle out of booking and viewing a property.  House My Student has done all the work for both the student and host and created a platform and community to make the booking of a room, a secure and simple a process for both parties.

House my student provides its services to any student looking to book safe convenient accommodation with a family/host that is willing to provide their home/accommodation to that individual during their stay away from home where they will need a place to stay while they are studying. With hundreds of listings close to local amenities and universities simple sign up and start searching today.. Some hosts will also take working professionals and this will be listed on their profile.  

You can book a place from Monday to Friday and go home at weekends, book a place for over 6 months it is entirely up to you and the host. House My student is usually there for students for the duration of their Third Level or Postgrad studies. Students usually book for the full duration of their studies and this is arranged between themselves and the host with House My Student as a simple platform to arrange dates and premises that are available.

Once you sign up and give all your information only then can you book a room. You must put in dates that you wish to avail of only properties that are available will appear in your search list.  Once you are happy with the profile of the host and what they have to offer you simple book directly online on our secure booking system. This one time booking fee is returned to you immedaitely if the host declines your booking request.  If the host accepts your booking request you will be contact by our booking team and all information is then given to both parites and confirmation on  dates of arrival and departure.  We you arrive you pay the host directly the first months rent or weekly as was agreed and then each month moving forward until your departure date.

You will be living in shared accommodation with your host(s) and other students if the property has more than one room on offer. Note that you will find more detailed information about the host on each listing/profile. The host does not have to be there all the time, but usually house rules are set out by the owner/host as to the way they like things done while you are staying there.

All our rooms are let on single occupancy or shared accommodation. Choose a single, double or twinned room.  Pictures of the rooms, the facilities on offer and surrounding areas are provided  usually in the profile and decription by the host. . The listing will have all the information you will need to make the best choice for you and you can also contact us directly with any queries you may have.

Once you accept a booking request from the student/guest, on the arrival date they pay you directly first months rent and money owed up until their time of departure.  The booking system works out exactly what is owed to you and you will get all information from the booking team.  The easy to use platform calculates the total cost for the entire stay and the booking fee. Also the booking team is at hand with any questions that either student or host may have regarding booking a property and the costs.

A willingness to welcome your guest/student and show them all amenities and the run of the house i.e. cooking arrangements, washing arrangements various rules of the house etc. Obviously hosts/homeowners don’t have to be there all the time, but just to welcome the guest and help them with settling in and maybe information about the local area is always of great assistance to the student and helps make their stay much easier etc. Hosts can provide a light breakfast (at an extra charge or included in price) to guests/students such as cereals, tea/coffee, juice etc. You don't need to serve this, just let your guests/student know where everything is! Again, the host will provide all information within their listing on what they offer each host/tenant is different.

Obviously, accidents can happen anytime, so for peace of mind you want to be prepared. We suggest you source some house/contents/liability insurance for any situations that might arise during a stay of a guest/student.

Students will have access to the kitchen as well as all the necessary utensils to prepare their own meals. Hosts usually provide light breakfast or lunch at a nominal extra fee or can be free, each host/homeowner is different. Some hosts who provide food may not want want you having access to the kitchen so please check each property carefully. Most properties are rooms that include all bills but no food provided.  Each property is different.

Your accommodation should have a laundry facility within the house, which you will have full access to for the duration of your stay.

Usually a full set of bed clothing is provided by your host/homeowner, which will include usually bed sheets, pillows, and duvet.

Wi-Fi is usually available in each accommodation. Ask your host and check profile/listing that WIFI is available.

There may be properties listed that offer this double/twin rooms even triple rooms.  Two/three students who are travelling together and looking for a property exactly like this are available on our site and if not please contact our booking team and see what we can do for you.  Booking fees applies to each students/guests. The options are numerous just sign up and put your correct search in and see what is on offer.

Overnight guests are not allowed at any time during your stay. Usually with prior consent from your host/homeowner you may have visitors during daytime.

The students are responsible for washing their personal clothes, towels, linen, washing their dishes after use and keeping their provided bedroom clean and tidy at all times. The cleaning rules of the shared areas are to be discussed with the host/homeowner, usually chores are shared between all occupants of the home.

Houses listed on House My Student are usually strictly non-smoking. Please note that this also applies to the guest room provided for the student, but outside smoking is sometimes available and again on arrangement with the host/homeowner beforehand.

Obviously, accidents can happen anytime, so for peace of mind you want to be prepared. We suggest you source some house/contents/liability insurance for any situations that might arise during a stay of a guest/student. Some hosts do ask for a security deposit in advance as well if really long term.

Yes  as our priority is to provide a high-quality level of service, we will reply to student's queries by email mostly and the plaform was created that everything can be doen through the site, as it enables us to provide the fastest and most complete way to deal with responses. of course for any other queries on becoming a host or how to sign up for both student and hosts you may call one of our team on 089 2222 444.

A copy of your ID or photo is required for security reasons only. It will be forwarded to your host/homeowner upon confirmation of your booking request with all your details. Under GDPR all your data is secure and is only passed to a host that has agreed to your booking request and you now need to be given each others details and contact each other.

Yes your money is 100% secure and safe with House My Student.  Once your booking fee is paid and your room is confirmed, if for ANY REASON THE HOST CANCELS your booking fee will be returned to you.  We use PayPal as our payment provider, so you are protected and money is quickly and easily refunded to you. if you should cancel your booking one month before your arrival date then a penality of 100 admin fees is applied. Hosts have blocked of a room for you and stopped other students having that room so the minute you may no longer want the room you must let the booking team know asap. See website for TERM & CONDITIONS & Refund Policy. 

If your booking request is accepted you are contacted by our booking team and everything is confirmed with you.  The booking system helps students/guests search and find a room that is available, meets their budget and location with just the click of a button. Not only are bookings requests quick and simple, filtering out persons who are serious about booking a room and we can finalised and booked everything sometimes within the hour (hosts have maximum of 12 hours to respond to any booking request)

You can contact the host as soon as the booking is finalised. You will then receive the contact details of your host: full name, the exact address, phone number and email address. Booking direcly through the website is safe and secure and whoever books a room first gets that place and it is held for you until you arrive.  The host or booking team will block off the calender and you will receive confirmation of your room being booked for the periods requested and when you arrive you pay the host the total monthly rent and each month/weekly thereafter until your departure date.

Room prices vary. If you are unsure about how much you should charge, we recommend that you have a look at other properties in your area and see what they charge. We have demand for long-term and short term bookings so you should set up weekly and monthly prices. Monday to Friday charges etc. NOTE: a light breakfast should be included in the price. If you offer other meals for a charge you can make this clear on your profile Some hosts also like to have a deposit of some sort as well but in most cases our rooms do not request a security deposit again keeping costs down..  It is your profile so you can put whatever information you wish the potential guest/student see. on average €100 to €150.00 per week.  €400 to €600 per month for a room and each host is diffeent with different house rules so please read profiles carefully.  Some offer breakfast, lunch etc some don't each host/family is different as each student/guest is different.  Our Students are mature students so they like access to the kitchen and laundry and cook and clean for themselves.

In the unlikely event of booking cancellation by the host or if a host breaching the terms and conditions, the service fee is immediately refunded to the student. Under any other circumstances, such as a cancellation or no-show by the student, the service fee is non-refundable. Please read terms and conditions carefully if a student should leave before agreed time period. After a room is booked and student does not cancel correctly within one week a cancellation fee is applicable for services and holding room and stopping other students getting the room. Usually takes 3 to 7 working days for a refund minus admin fees, if cancellation not done correctly. If student/guest only stays a short period and things do not work out with the host, the booking fee is calculated on the period of stay of the student/guest.

In the case of an unexpected or early departure, students are required to give at let the host/homeowner know as soon asp and maybe dates when they are away etc.

Anybody who has their own home and has a spare room available for rent. Persons from anywhere in the world can sign up and get started. Only stipulation is that you are living in your home during the stay of the guest/student. You also must be of legal age within your country to rent out a room and if you are renting you need to check with your landlord over subletting out a premises/room. Checking with your local authorities that you do qualify and what you are entitled tax free or rent allowance scheme. In Ireland for example you are tax free up to 14,000 Euros. Each country is obviously different on how much you can be earning from renting before you pay Tax. To register on our platform you must give a detailed profile of your home and room you are offering.  Simple sign up and follow the step by step guide to put up your listing.  Terms and conditions by using our site, are there to protect you and the student/guest.

Hosts not only can earn some extra money renting a space out that they are not using but can add great value to a student’s experience helping them adapt and feel secure in the local community, providing a home away from home is our motto at House My Student. Giving advice and first- hand knowledge on your local area is priceless to you new guest/student. You get to experience new people from other countries and their stories and cultures. Many long- term friendships are made and families from around the world get to know each other. Most Hosts families describe it as a very enriching experience. Families are usually so grateful that their son or daughter was made feel so welcome and had a safe place to stay being so far away from home. You can make your profile and your background attractive to various guests/students around the world uploading high quality photos and images of your home and family and even a video if you wish. Many reasons to become a host, so sign up free today, and get started with a few simple steps. .

1. Click on “Become a Host” the top hand right side of the Home Page.

2. Enter your email address and your password and upload your profile and then create your listing.  Click on your listings and follow the easy step by step guide.

3. When complete you will get confirmation from our booking team your listing is live and ready to take booking requests from student/guests.

Once your property/room is listed, students can see you profile & rates and dates you have available.

The student will contact and send a booking request and you have 12 hours whether to accpet or decline.  If you accept them the student then pays the booking fee to block off the room the dates they requested and again you will be contacted by the booking team who will finalise everything and get both parties each others details.  YOu can not contact the student and find out when they are arriving etc. On arrival the student/guest pays you directly the price you have set.for your room. 100% of the total amount agreed for your room/premises is paid to the Host.. 

If you are having any difficulties at all. We can advise and give helpful tips on how best to present yourself and your home. When you are listed, we will review and notify you and tell you if everything is completed correctly. You can call the team on  01 691 8863  OR  089 2222 444 for any questions you may have.

Add info on your local amenities, pictures of surrounding areas, information on bus routes, trains and how far from various colleges always helps get more potential students/guests.

Add identity documents, this allows guests to see that your identity is confirmed and gives them more confidence when booking to stay with you.

The house and family description helps guests/students to get a better feel for where they might be staying. Are you a sporty family what are your hobbies, do you have a dog, how many children do you have etc.

High quality pictures of your home/property work best. People are visual creatures, so the better the quality of the images the more attractive your place will look to a potential student/guest. Pictures of the room available, the outside of the house and surrounding areas. Images of the kitchen and the living areas, and garden will attract more attention to your listings and typically results in more potential bookings.

You could add weekly, monthly, and single occupancy prices/rates to encourage guests to choose you and have you prices competitive for students. Offering a free light breakfast could make a student choose you over another family/host.

Ensure there is enough space for their belongings and the whole room is ready for their arrival. Bed linens etc are fresh and clean. Inform them when rooms will be cleaned etc.

Make sure their room is spotless on arrival and this is how you expect things to be kept.

Disclose in your listing what your expectations and general house rules are for cleanliness, washing of clothes food etc. The more information the better.

Help the student make sure he/she has everything they need and give advice on local transport and amenities and shops.

Ask them are they happy with everything and help in any way you can to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

Advise on cooking arrangements and access to shared areas in the house.

We also encourage you to spend some time with your guest/student to help them experience local culture and get a bearing to their new surroundings I.E local shops, bus routes, best areas to go to etc.

NOTE: Remember students will give reviews of their stay and how they found you as a host, and future potential guests/students will read these reviews. The better the experience the student has, the better their reviews will be and this of course helps attract more students and future bookings year after year.

The guest/student pays a 15% booking deposit of the accommodation total when they book your property/room. This is retained by House My student and is non-refundable to the student unless the student cancels their booking.  When they arrive at you property they pay you the full mnths rent or weekly if you wanted paid weekly.

You’ll receive the rent total, directly from the student on arrival.  Either cash or bankers draft or cheque. This can be arranged prior to the students arrival on how you would like to be paid. Large amounts of money are sometimes intimating to carry around and maybe an arrangement of a bank transfer is done, once the student sees their accommodation. This can all be finalized between you and student/guest prior to their arrival. You should include in your profile how you would like to be paid.

To avoid any scams, we advise that you make sure you have registered correctly with ourselves and final payment is made when the student sees where they are staying. Clear communicate between both parties pre-empts any foreseeable problems.

Students are looking for premises/rooms to rent constantly so once your listing has gone live you may get a booking request at any time.  If you calender and room is free your listing of your room will pop up on a search by a student and if they like your profile, locationa and the price of the room they can send you a booking request asking if they can book your room for the dates given.  You have the final say and have 12 hours to ACCEPT or DECLINE their booking request. If you accept their booking, once the student/guest pays teh booking fee then the booking team will contact both parties and you will both be given each others details,  The room is now booked and blocked off for those dates so nobody else can book the room.  On arrival the student/guest pays you first months rent and will pay you directly until departure dates.

If you have an issue with a Student, we would recommend that you come to an amicable agreement with your guest/student that is fair for both parties. If you feel that’s things are not working out we advise you to try and resolve differences and attempt to make things work for the remainder of the stay. Most things can be resolved and moving forward both parties have clear outlines and rules of the house/premises.  If in the unlikely event things do not change after a verbal warning, a written warning is then given to the student/guest, and if after this the behaviour has not changed the student/guest will be given notice as they have broken the terms and conditions as was agreed to. All terms and conditions are emailed to ever student/guest after a booking has been made and by using our site you are have agreed to them. No refund of booking fee is given to the student/guest if the terms and conditions and house rules have been broken.  

We have a verification process in place where we ask that hosts verify their email addresses, phone numbers and an identification document such as a passport or driver's license or utility bill.

We review every profile in detail before allowing the listing to appear on the website and most hosts have been visited and vetted by ourselves.  All students/guests are also vetted by ourselves and photo/id and their details is also sent to the host when a student is making a booking request on a particular room.

Our hosts’ public profile will show their first name and won't give the specific location of their home. It will only show the general area in which their home is located.

Students/ Guests will only receive their host’s full name, address, and contact details after there booking request has been accepted and booking fee has been paid.  Our booking system filters out students/guests who are serious about booking a room (Payment done through PayPal for protection) Sometimes bank transfer can be used for students as well who wish to book a room and are not booking directly through the website.

Students also need to give a detailed profile of themselves and ID such as passport or student card etc.  Everyone is verfied before going live on the plaform and can only book a place when they have given all the correct information.  House my student was created to take the hassle out of viewing and booking a room quickly.  We have a 100% a secure and safe platform for all concerned who are genuinely looking for accommodation with a host. At House My student we minimizing the process, as we do all the work, and hopefully taken the hassle out of finding and booking a room and finding a suitable student to stay in your home.

Please feel free contact us should you need any help. Although we are not party to the agreement we are always there to help and hopefully resolve any issues.

Any further questions or queries don't hesitate to contact our team, we are here to help. Any questions we haven't answered email us at