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The find Students is a simple feature to send offers to students looking in your area that you have a room available.  You don't have to wait for Students to find you! The feature will display Students who are looking for accommodation within a 40km to 50km of your premises.  This is a fantastic feature to be pro-active and find that perfect student and fill your room ASP.


Once you have logged in and registered with us on BECOME A HOST.

Its 3 simple steps

1. Send a message to your potential student/guest

2. List your room and price range, 

3. Use slider to adjust the price you wish to offer for your room and the slider will automatically find students in that range and once you are happy with the student you wish to offer send the student a request.

That is it, you are finished you have now offered your room to that student, who can now review your information and get back to you.

How do I make my profile/listing look great?

Add info on your local amenities, pictures of surrounding areas, information on bus routes, trains and how far from various colleges always helps get more potential students/guests.

Add identity documents, this allows guests to see that your identity is confirmed and gives them more confidence when booking to stay with you.

The house and family description helps guests/students to get a better feel for where they might be staying. Are you a sporty family, what are your hobbies, do you have a dog, how many children do you have etc.

High quality pictures of your home/property work best. People are visual creatures, so the better the quality of the images the more attractive your place will look to a potential student/guest. Pictures of the rooms available, the outside of the house and surrounding areas. Images of the kitchen and the living areas, and garden will attract more attention to your listings and typically results in more potential bookings.

You could add weekly, monthly, and single occupancy prices/rates to encourage guests to choose you and have you prices competitive for students. Offering a free light breakfast could make a student choose you over another family/host. We have keep our fees 100% free to you the HOST so you can offer competitive prices to the students.

Find Students

These students are looking for a accommodation right now. Enter your location below to invite them to stay with you. Secure their booking before someone else does!
12 Result(s) Found Destination Nights Dates Action
Dublin, Ireland
148 nights
3 Feb, 2018
30 Jun, 2018
183 nights
31 Jan, 2018
1 Aug, 2018
United Kingdom
Dublin 2, Dublin, Ireland
366 nights
1 Mar, 2018
1 Mar, 2019
Dublin 18
85 nights
5 Feb, 2018
30 Apr, 2018
DublĂ­n, Irlanda
212 nights
1 Feb, 2018
31 Aug, 2018
Dublin Business School, Aungier Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
349 nights
17 Feb, 2018
31 Jan, 2019
Dublin, Ireland
184 nights
1 Mar, 2018
31 Aug, 2018
Stillorgan, Dublin, Ireland
62 nights
15 Mar, 2018
15 May, 2018
Dublin, Ireland
185 nights
28 Feb, 2018
31 Aug, 2018
South co dublin
366 nights
14 Apr, 2018
14 Apr, 2019

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