How it works

House My Student is a simple and secure user-friendly platform to mediate between hosts and students from all countries, that can match, book and search for safe and secure accommodation. We help take the hassle out of Hosting and help students find safe a secure accommodation hopefully close to their place of study.



1. We verify all student/guests 

2. Profile sent to host/family

3.If family likes profile of student/guest and all approved student can then book property/room and pay booking fee to hold that room for the arrival and departure dates agreed.

4. Student has 24hours after approval to pay booking fee or it will go to next student interested.

5.Once booking confirmed, information of host and student/guest is given to each party.

6.On arrival student/guest pays full months rent up front and each month thereafter or weekly/daily of remainder of agreed period booked..

Hosts/landlords simple sign up and advertise their room that they have available, the costs and time period available to rent, they can contact and search for students who may be looking in their area.  Hosts can give a Bio on themselves and their home/accommodation and a wealth of information on themselves and what they have to offer when they have a student staying with them.

Students also give a profile of themselves and are all vetted by the House My student team.  Both parties get to see each others profile and hopefully this helps in getting the right fit and place to stay before any booking of the property is made.

When both parties are happy with each other then they secure the booking with each other through the website.  The host tells the student/guest they are happy and to go ahead and book through the website simple or a paypal request can be sent.  Only a 15% booking fee (maximum 3 months of the total booking fee is ever charged) to help keep our prices competitive. When the student arrives on the agreed date the pay the host/family the total amount agreed for the month and on a monthly basis thereafter.


We have created an easy to use and secure platform to make the booking system simple for everyone involved. 

We do not receive anything for the periods after 3 months.  We believe our deposit booking system is much more reasonable than other Hosting websites and we try to keep costs down for students and hosts alike. Students pay the total booking amount directly to Host, either on arrival at their home or sometimes in advance by arrangement.   Example: if a room is €600.00 per month and your are staying 3 months total booking fee is €270.00.  If you book same place for 6 months booking fee is still only €270.00.  On arrival you then pay €600.00 to the host and each month thereafter for length of time you have booked for.

With hundreds of listings students can search for their perfect accommodation with a Host/family.  Hosts can earn extra cash renting out that spare room, get to meet new people from different cultures and help with a wealth of experience they have of the local area where they live.  This is invaluable to the student usually visiting a new place, miles from their home, getting help from a local resident of the area i.e what transport to take, the cheapest ways around town and places to eat, where to go and not to go.  House My student hopefully has created and helped students and hosts have a secure and safe platform to get to see each others profile and we simple intermedaite this transaction.

House My Student Mission Statement is “To take the hassle out of Hosting for students and familes worldwide and provide a safe and simple platform to help with this process"