House My student is an easy to use platform that provides accommodation for Students worldwide, whether Third Level, Postgrad students or on internship, language students or mature students, we hope to provide a home away from home with the perfect location near your college or university. Host families not only can provide accommodation but provide a wealth of experience to their culture, local area and amenities and help the student/lodger have rich experiences while staying with them for their academic term, work placement (internship) or program exchange.
House My Student offers flexibility, short term stays as well as long term lets. Maybe you wish to only offer Monday to Friday with your weekends free. Maybe a shared house is what you are looking for with hundreds of listing you can find that perfect match. The control and options are numerous with hundreds of listings close to colleges that hopefully match and suit your needs, for both Host and students alike.
Unlike most agencies Our services are completely FREE for our HOSTS 100% Free with no hidden costs.. Just upload your images of your accommodation/room you have available and find students looking in your area.
Earn regular income with up to 14k Tax free (each country is different). We require accommodation for students all year round.
Our students rent a room on average 1 to 4 months you simple provide information on your listing prices and dates you have available. When the student books their room 12.5% goes to house my student. Everything is arranged and set up beforehand so both parties are happy with the arrangements.


  • We verify student/guest
  • Profile sent to host/family
  • If family likes profile of student/guest and all approved student can then book property/room and pay booking fee to hold that room for the arrival and departure dates agreed.
  • Student has 24 hours after approval to pay booking fee or it will go to next student interested.
  • Once booking confirmed, information of host and student/guest is given to each party.
  • On arrival student/guest pays full months rent up front and each month thereafter or weekly/daily of remainder of agreed period booked.

House My Student Mission Statement is "To take the hassle out of Hosting for students and familes worldwide, and provide a safe and simple platform to help with this process" We receive only 12.5% of total booking value and this is paid by the student. If the booking period is longer than 3 months we only receive 12.5% up to 3 months. We do not recieve anything for the periods after 3 months. We believe our deposit booking system is much more reasonable than other intermediation or hosting websites and we try to keep costs down for students and hosts alike. House My Student is just for students who need student accommodation while travelling, or studying abroad and want a safe place they can feel at home in.
At House My Student we will be donating a percentage of money for each booking, this will be donated to Unicef and Children in need Charites and the Homeless. House my student obviously intermediates between hosts and students but we wish to help on the way and not just receive service fees but contribute to the wider community on our journey. We wish to make House My student the largest platform for hosts and students worldwide and make each stay an extra ordinary one where friendships are made and help contribute to those that need it.

House my student provides its services to any student looking to book safe convenient accommodation with a family/host that is willing to provide their home/accommodation to that individual during their stay away from home where they will need a place to stay while they are studying. With hundreds of listings close to local amenities and universities simple sign up and start searching today.. Some hosts will also take working professionals and will be listed on their profile.  

You can book a place from Monday to Friday and go home at weekends, book a place for over 6 months it is entirely up to you and the host. House My student is usually there for students for the duration of their Third Level or Postgrad studies. Students usually book for the full duration of their studies and this is arranged between themselves and the host with House My Student as a simple platform to arrange dates and premises that are available. Once you sign up you can put in dates that you wish to avail of and hosts have made it clear when they are available and what they have blocked off.  Once you are happy with the dates available simple book directly online on our secrue booking system and the host will know that those dates are then blocked off for you.  All information is then given to both parites and confirmation on  dates of arrival and departure.

You will be living in shared accommodation with your host(s) and other students if the property has more than one room on offer. Note that you will find more detailed information about the host on each listing/profile. The host does not have to be there all the time, but usually house rules are set out by the owner/host as to the way they like things done while you are staying there.

Yes. You will have full access to all shared rooms, as designated by the host/homeowner. Access to kitchen and appliances for washing is usually standard etc.

All our rooms are let on single occupancy or shared accommodation. Choose a single, double or twinned room.  Pictures of the rooms, the facilities on offer and surrounding areas are provided  usually in the profile and decription by the host. . The listing will have all the information you will need to make the best choice for you and you can also contact us directly with any queries you may have.

Please feel free contact us should you need any help. Although we are not party to the agreement we are always there to help and hopefully resolve any issues.

Any further questions or queries don't hesitate to contact our team, we are here to help. Any questions we haven't answered email us at