HOUSE MY STUDENT was set up to help students/interns around the world find safe and secure accommodation, while on their studies. We noticed a lack of accommodation, rising rent prices, lack of help and safe premises, that we decided to create a platform and community that could help and bring students and hosts together on one easy to use platform.  We created a platform that is not only safe and secure but takes the hassle out of hosting and gives students piece of mind to find a host family they can enjoy staying with and with a wealth of information on the website to make an educated choice where they wish to stay.  We also help place Doctors, nurses, teachers and working professionals.


House My Student is not just an intermediator site but a website that can provide a wealth of information to both hosts and students. Profiles of both parties helps with choices on where one wants to stay, who they want to stay with, and also an abundance of information and help from ourselves to try to get the right fit for both host and student .

Competitively priced accommodation for students on a budget and low service fees compared to other agencies and websites, makes House My Student an extremely popular platform. 

With Partnerships in Europe we now have 1000s of students visiting our properties every day and all students/guests are vetted by us to provide the best service possible to you the host.

  • 4 million visitors per year

  • 50% women, 50% men.

  • Safe & secure platform you money is safe and secure through PayPal booking system.

We believe that Hosts/Families can give local knowledge/security, with a wealth of experience to their guest.  Not only can hosts make some extra money renting out a spare room in their home but build long term relationships with students and their families.  Students learn about different cultures first hand and get to stay in a place they feel safe, while studying away from home for long periods. Our mission was to provide a safe and secure platform for both STUDENTS and HOSTS that they could trust. We wanted to take the hassle out of hosting and now with just the click of a button you can simply find and book your ideal accommodation.

We receive only 15% of total booking value and this is paid by the student/Guest.  If the booking period is longer than 3 months we only receive 15% up to 3 months(nothing after). We do not receive anything for the periods after 3 months.  We believe our deposit booking system is much more reasonable than other intermediation or hosting websites and we try to keep costs down for students and hosts alike. House My Student is for students who need student accommodation while travelling, or studying abroad and want a safe place they can feel at home in and this platform helps them book and find that perfect premises.

At House My Student we will be donating a percentage of money for each booking, this will be donated to Children in need Charites and the Homeless. House my student obviously intermediates between hosts and students but we wish to help on the way and not just receive service fees but contribute to the wider community on our journey.  We wish to make House My student the largest platform for hosts and students worldwide and make each stay an extra ordinary one where friendships are made and help contribute to those that need it.

House My Student Mission Statement is “To take the hassle out of Hosting for students and families worldwide and provide a safe and simple platform to help with this process"